Abeer Qutab
2 min readJan 30, 2021


The Korean brand Samsung has been devising new smartphones, one after the other ever since they released The premier of the Galaxy series. Each phone is assembled elegantly and composed with remarkable features than their competitive ones.

Today Samsung has several different series rolling out in the market: S-series, J-series, A-series, M-series, whilst the last is the latest addition to the family. S-series have the best quality in every aspect of their smartphones which are available in the market at high prices while the other series, provide you a good experience at comparatively lower rates, and vary in their availability to the people around the world.

A-series hit the town by 2015. And so far, many phones have been reckoned.

A-31 is a recent extension, it was released in 2020. This phone is an affordable phone to make the most out of.


  • 6.4” screen
  • Super-AMOLED Infinity U Display
  • ANDROID 10
  • Front camera 20MP
  • Rear (Quad)cam 48MP, 8MP, 5MP, 5MP.
  • 4 and 6GB RAM
  • 5000MAH Battery

With these features, one might hardly come across the thought that it’s not good enough.

It is in fact the best as compared to its siblings and thus, adds value to the money spent on it.

It has the most battery power among all of the phones in its line.

A-51 is also an amazing member, it has a Samsung Exynos processor and has a wide-angle camera with an inch bigger screen than A-31 i.e 6.5”, and has a 4500mAH battery making it 100$ more expensive than A-31.

A-31 has a 5000mAH battery with a 6.4” screen and Media-Tek Helio P-65 processor which is also great and comes at a comparatively cheaper price. That makes it stand out among the rest of the phones of the series. So it would be quite reasonable to prefer it, if all of the above mentioned basic differences don’t matter to you much.